Why Wood Succeeds

We love wood. There are endless uses for this. I’m sure the next time you are to step outside of your house/apartment, you’ll notice that there are so many things made with wood. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s the only renewable building material available. In our previous blog posts we’ve given many advantages of working with wood, so do check out those out here

Many years ago on a family holiday in Malaysia, South East Asia, there was an amazing restaurant overlooking the sea. The minute you head towards the restaurant, all you can see are some majestic steps that lead to the entrance. The whole structure is made out of a dark wood, intricately carved bit by bit. At that point, you can really appreciate the time and effort that was put into the creation of the building. I have attached for you some photos of the restaurant below.

I’ve gone around my house picking out some main objects/things that I come across in my day to day living.

What are the top three things that you couldn’t live without that are made out of wood? Feel free to comment below.

Entrance of the wood restaurant

Entrance wood restaurant

Handcrafted wooden sculture

Handcrafted wood sculpture

Inside of the handcrafted restaurant

Handcrafted wood

Carved wood in the corridor

Carved Wood

Intricate wood carvings

Wood carvings

Wooden Chest

I love this old wooden chest. It was one of the many items that was left in the house when we moved in. For many years it was left in the basement to keep our tools arranged. I then had an idea to completely sand it down and then varnish it. Now it sits really nicely in the entrance hall of the house. 

Small Wooden Jewellry Box

I was given this as a present from a friend. From the very first day I felt it in my hands, it felt so precious and natural! When opening it up, the smell of the wood hits your nose instantly.

Pine Wardrobe

After having renovated a lot of the rooms in our house, there was a choice of either buying wardrobes or making my own. I decided to custom design and make the wardrobe fit the entire height of the room. I chose this type of wood to reflect the light throughout the room.

Handmade Ukulele

I bought this in London from a Brazilian who had handcrafted this beautiful ukulele. The sound that comes out of this little thing is amazing- everyone that sees it is drawn to its great acoustics and design.

French Style Wooden Shutters

This is something that I come into contact with every single day. But just look how beautiful these wooden shutters look against the stone wall of the house.

Wood Pellet Heater

This wood pellet stove has a beautiful design to it. The heat that comes out of it heats most of the house and is very easy to function. It is a very sustainable and eco friendly. Pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust, burn cleaner and are a lot easier to store compared to wooden logs.

Wooden Necklaces

My mother definitely loves these natural wood necklaces around her neck and a lot of people seem to like the look. There are so many ways of wearing a wooden necklace. So ladies, why not pair a wooden watch with a wooden necklace. We don’t currently sell any wooden necklaces as accessories but if you’re looking to buy some beautiful natural bracelets/necklaces, go check out Shabby Pink Palm, the founder – Alexis, handcrafts each and every one before having it sent to you. 

Handcrafted Wooden Chess Board

This is one of my favourite chess boards! I love the quality of the wood, the intricate carvings and the types of wood used. The wood has kept very well, despite being played with over the many years owning it.

Wooden Door

This is one of the many doors to my house, it’s over 100 years old. With a bit of cleaning up, sanding down and varnishing, this door turned out absolutely beautiful considering it is over 100 years old. Features like these around the house are definitely worth keeping.

Wooden Bookmark

Another item from Costa Rica – a beautiful handmade bookmark. Although it being thin, it’s been made to last. The smoothness and the darkness of the wood are what gives it that elegant look.

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Hello Raja, I LOVE wood, so this post really brightened up my day. Wood furniture and creations are by far my favorite materials to make tools with. I’m an avid camper and enjoy making spares and bow and arrows.

The wood chess board that you have shown is by far my favorite creation here,

Thanks for this great article!


Hello Brandon,

Thank you for your awesome reply and I’m glad it brightened up your day! I was actually talking about bows today with my family! I’d love to hear about how you make the bows, arrows and spears!


I work with cabinets on a daily basis, so I absolutely love wood! I also love your pictures-that door is to die for! 3 of my favorite wood pieces in my house are my electric (I know, I know-but, it’s beautiful) fireplace; my round quarter sawn oak coffee table; and my buffet that was my grandma’s. I couldn’t live without the trees in my yard, either!

Thank you for this post-it’s awesome!


Hello Midge,
Forgive me for the delay in writing back. Thank you for your comment and great feedback. That’s pretty cool that you get to work wood everyday! That oak table sounds like a beauty!
I hope you’re enjoying the autumn/fall colours on the trees as much as we are.

Hi Raja,

Here are three things made of wood I wouldn’t want to be without:

1 – My acoustic guitar
2 – My electric guitar
3 – A desk that was handmade by my great-grandfather

Each of these is alive in its own way 🙂

Best wishes,


Hello Kevin,
Apologies for the delay in replying to your awesome message. Nothing better than an instrument made out of wood! And each tells a story – nice!
All the best,

Wood is a great material to have around for any kind of project. I’m a painter so sometimes I use it in place of canvas. It’s great because for gesso and acrylics and has a lasting quality.

P.S. – I love that jewelry box!

Hello Daybe,
Forgive me for the delay in reply to you. Yes, there are millions of amazing uses and I’m sure your paintings look amazing! Thank you, the jewelry box was from a friend who lives in Missouri, such a delicate, cute carved piece of work.

Hey Raja,

What a nice article. I love wood furniture and my favorite wood item is a heirloom grandfather clock that has been in my family for more than 200 years. My boyfriend is a master cabinetmaker, so needless to say, I have lots of custom made furniture.

Am glad to see that I’m not the only one with a passion for wood 🙂

Hello Marisa,

Wow, that must be absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice to have items with a lot of value and history behind it. That’s amazing that you can ask for any furniture that you desire!

I love to play chess on wooden chess board with a cup of coffee:)
what is general price range on this?

Hi Furkan,

Yes most definitely! We take all these wooden items all for granted. For the board I am not too sure the price range, as it was a gift, but we have a beautiful range of handcrafted wooden watches, displayed here.

As far as wooden watches goes, which one do you recommend above all others?

Hello Ryan,
I think the choice would reflect on the person buying the watch. Each of the watches have their own style and look. They are all made with a lot of care and precision, with quality parts. Do you have a favorite one out of all of them?

Hello Ryan,

Coming back to your comment, we’ve recently put up new brands to our store, and another one will be coming out this week. A wood watch for everyones style and taste.

My father has a double garage with every woodwork machine and tool you can think of. As a kid I hated helping him as I always got covered in sawdust… But I still love wood.
Favourites in the house will be:
– My wooden floors, when I moved into my house I stripped out all the carpets and sanded down all the floors, a labour of love.
– Growing up in Africa and as a lover of art it would have to be my many ethnic carved sculptures and masks. Love them all.
– Third is a small carved wooden heart that was given to me by a loved one.

Hello Martin,
I love the fact that your father has a whole workshop with so many tools! It’s a shame to keep beautiful covered floors with carpet, great idea in regards of removing them! Instead of getting new wooden floors here, I did the same, sanded all of them and they have turned into beautiful oak floorboards.
All of your favorite items sound so nice! Thank you so much for your reply!

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