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Wearing my first wooden watch – a first hand experience.



Let me start off by saying that I initially had thoughts of the watch being a bit too big for my wrist and had wondered how comfortable it would be. I opened the box of the watch and there it was sitting on its own pillow cushion. When taking the watch out of the box, the first thought that had come to my mind was ‘wow’, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The watches are very light and are very comfortable when being worn.

Because the watch is so comfortable, sometimes you don’t even realise that you are wearing the watch. So far, I’ve got constant comments from people mentioning how attractive the watch looks wrapped around my wrist. Click here to view more photos.


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There is also a link tool included in the box. We have provided an explanatory description attached with photos to help you easily remove links to your watch to make it fit accordingly to your wrist. Click here to see this.


It really is something to own your own wood watch, they are all unique in its own way. Every pattern on each watch is different, which is something you couldn’t get with a metal watch.

Over time of wearing the wood watch a lot, the natural oils from your wrist will keep the watch in a beautiful condition.

If you happen to be one of those people who like to wear a different watch every so often, we have provided an instruction guide on how to apply home made natural oil to your watch, to keep your wood watch looking as elegant as when you bought it. You’ll find this guide here.

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These watches are beautiful! I have never seen wooden watches before. Perfect for a Xmas gift. How is the weight? I wish I could wear one but something in my system kills the battery within a month or less. Your website is like a breath of fresh air and so easy to get around, unlike so many others. Are these available for shipping to Canada? Thanks so much

Merry, my mum was like you. I don’t know how many times her watch was back at the jewellers. One time we moved to a far north place in the province. Seven years later we were back at the original town. She went to the jewellers to get a brooch. Lo and behold they brought out a watch she had left for repair seven years ago. How is that for service. By the way she ended up with manual wind up watches.

Thank you very much Merry! I am so glad that you like the watches too! The weight of the watches are all incredibly light! I was pleasantly surprised myself.
We are proud to say that we offer free shipping worldwide, so yes, Canada is available and best of all free (shipping).

Jeremiah, there is no doubt about it but wood is the best thing since before and after sliced bread. In fact in the strawbale house I am building all the trees we had to fell for bush fire and building reasons was milled and used in the house. We are making our own timber old fashioned window frames. Our deck is on lovely timber posts and our floors are all from our wood.

I haven’t actually seen a wooden watch before and I can’t (unfortunately) see me getting one as I am the world’s best loser of watches. But I love the look at the ones you have here. Where in BC are they made. BC is my old stomping grounds.


I totally agree- wood is amazing for anything! Wood flooring is very beautiful too, although I don´t have anything exotic as zebra wood or sandal wood flooring, but oak, definitely does turn out very nicely too!
It seems like wood was made for making watches, they’re stylish, comfortable and very light to wear!

The Tense wooden watches are hand made in Vancouver.

I was looking for ideas for gifts for my husband’s birthday and stumbled upon your website. I truly never knew that wooden watches even existed! Thanks so much for introducing them to me! Now I have a perfect gift to buy my husband come his birthday in November! These are truly elegant and he will be head over heels in love with this when I give it to him!

The moment I put a wooden watch on my wrist, I was over the moon- so I am sure your husband will have the same reaction to be able to have that pleasure of wearing one. This definitely will be a perfect birthday gift!

Wow, I didn’t know they made wood watches. I think they look cool. I bet they would be light and comfortable. Are they expensive?

Yes, they are very light and comfortable! Have a look at our beautiful collection of wooden watches:

Blow me away with a wood shaving! This is the first I have ever heard of wooden watches and now I know what to get my wood-working Dad for his birthday! I am beyond impressed with your presentation style!

I am happy that you managed to come to the knowledge of wooden watches through Watches Wooden! These are definitely great ideas for gifts for any occasions. Thank you for your feedback!

I love the idea of wearing natural materials and wood is the best! The design is amazing and would love to have one. Is there a shipping option to Serbia and Turkey? Wish you all the best!

The great thing too, is that each one is uniquely different because of it´s grain. We are proud at Watches Wooden to offer free shipping worldwide, so that would include shipping to Serbia and Turkey also. Thank you very much!

My dad’s birthday is coming up so I think I might need to spring for one of these watches! Are all the kinds of wood used in the various watches easy to care for or are there specific types that are more durable? Also, are these watches coated with something to make them water-resistant? Just wouldn’t want the wood to get stained or warp if he was caught in a rainstorm or something like that. Thank you for the review!

Hello Audrey,

Apologies for not writing back to you. I presume you’ve enjoyed your dad’s birthday already, if so, I hope you had an amazing day! Yes, my wood watch is always on me, and I’ve not had to take any need to care for my watch. It’s when you’re not wearing it that it’s best to apply a lemon oil on it every 3 weeks.

Here’s a link to a post we wrote, regarding how to care for a wood watch:

Each watch is water resistant to the degree of water splashes, getting it wet in the rain etc. But not okay to take a shower with, swim with etc. Saying this, one of our latest watches on our site: Pacific Standard Time, are 100m waterproof- so ideal for an active lifestyle, yet they are slightly more expensive than the rest. We have brought out more new brands to our store, and another one will be coming out this week.

Thank you for your comment and the great feedback. Happy to answer any questions you may have.



Bro, these are some slick looking watches. Revolutionary.

Hello Charlie,

Thank you very much for your awesome feedback! New watches been added. Sorry for the delay in writing back.


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