Want to know how to care for your wooden watch?

How do I care for my wooden watch?

The best answer to this would be to wear your wooden watch – your skin produces natural oils which help keep the watch moist and will mean it retains its original shine.  If you find yourself not wearing the watch every day, then apply lemon oil to the wood once every two weeks. This can be done by buffing it with a cloth, but only a small drop is needed. If this is repeated, your watch will stay in excellent condition.

Your wooden watch won’t deal too well with sudden changes in temperatures. We wouldn’t recommend you leaving your watch in an extremely hot car as the high temperature can cause it to swell and crack. In the same way, be sure not to leave your wooden watch in the car on a very cold day or night; this could result in the wood shrinking and putting pressure against the glass and the pins.

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Where’s best to store a wooden watch?

As far as storing your wooden watch, find a place that will allow your watch to naturally breathe, allowing air to get to the wood. We advise to not store your watch anywhere close to a fireplace or heater.

Your wooden watch is water resistant, but please don’t take it in the shower with you, in the pool, in the sauna and most definitely not into the sea. Saltwater is especially harmful to these types of watches as the salt will dry the wood. Saying all this, your wooden watch can withstand typical splashes of water, or regular activity, like the dishes.

Eco-friendly lemon oil

How about making your own eco-friendly lemon oil?  There’s no need to go and buy an expensive shop alternative pumped with chemicals when you can make your own using only two natural ingredients; lemon and oil!

  1. First, wash and dry a whole lemon
  2. Grate the lemon over a bowl
  3. Depending on what you have available, fill up a small glass bottle with the lemon zest that you just grated, then feel the rest of the bottle with olive oil.
  4. Place your bottle somewhere that receives a lot of sun, so maybe a window sill.
  5. Leave it there for a few days, but shake it a few times a day.
  6. Day 3 – remove the solution from the bottle and store in an airtight container to use whenever you need to apply it to your wooden watch.



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