Watches Wooden Sunglasses

Watches Wooden Sunglasses

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Our Wooden Sunglasses are perfect for all scenarios, whether you’re at the beach, meeting with friends, going out on a road trip, on your first date, kayaking down the river or walking down the red carpet, you will benefit from achieving the look you’re after and see a difference in your appearance.
The design of each pair of sunglasses is unique to each person, making it a personal gift.
For us, wearing something that stands out in an elegant way was really important, and we wanted something that spoke out against the corporate world of mass production – something that felt more individual.

Finish & Care

They are very easy to maintain.
We guarantee it will help you to create an original style.
Lemon or orange oil extract is best for cleaning the natural wood.

Black Tint, Blue Tint, Brown Tint, Green Tint, Red Tint


  • Soft microfibre cleaning cloth and a black cloth case, to protect your sunglasses
  • Double springed stainless steel hinges, great for physical activities. Held firmly on your face.
  • 5 different tinted shades to choose from
    Satisfaction guaranteed! If you’re not happy, we’d be happy to refund you.
  • Perfect fit to your face! There’s no way they’ll fall off!
  • Free international shipping
  • Polarized UV 400, minimizing glare and giving you a clear, crisp view.
  • Designed & made with premium branded materials
  • Eco-friendly materials that are made without adding any chemical substances, and are environmentally friendly.
  • They are durable, yet lightweight and will float when in water