How do I adjust the strap/band to my wrist?

Both Tense and The Garwood have been provided with a metal tool to adjust this. Alternatively use two small flathead screw drivers. What you need to do first is to:

  1. Measure your wrist in order to see how many links are needed to be removed.
  2. With the link that needs to be removed, locate where the pin is pushed in the furthest as this is where you will need to insert to the metal tool to push the pin out.
  3. When you have pushed it right through, you may then remove the link.
  4. Once all the links are removed, connect the pin again by inserting the skinny end of the pin and push it all the way back in.
  5. The watch is now ready for you to wear on your wrist.

If you prefer, you may take it to your nearest jeweller or watch repair shop.


Will I be charged sales tax?

We’re happy to say that you will not have to pay any sales tax.


Are there Customs charges?

Custom  charges may occur in your local country. We’re sorry, but that’s something that Watches Wooden can’t cover.


How much is shipping?


It’s FREE! We aim to provide you with the best of the best customer service. So we know it’s necesarry to not charge you a cent/penny for shipping.

Depending on your location, your shipment will taken anything from 2-14 days. We will provide you with a tracking code once having ordered your wood watch with us.


What is your return/exhange policy?

Drop us an email explaining the reasons to why you wish to return/exchange your wooden watch. We accept returns of wooden watches up to 7 days from the time they arrive at your door.7 day money back guarantee, wood watch, watches wooden



Yes, definitely.

For the Mistura watches, we offer a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty.

For the Pacific Standard Time watches, we offer a 2-year manufacturer defect warranty.

For The Garwood watches, we offer a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty.

And for The Ambici watches, we offer a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty.


Is my wooden watch waterproof?

The Pacific Standard Time Watch is the world’s First 100m Water Resistant Wood Watch! So if you’re one of those people who never likes taking your watch off – even for activities then this watch is for you.

The rest of our wooden watches are not waterproof, however the watch won’t be affected by a little rain or a little splash of water. Please don’t risk taking your wooden watch with you in the swimming pool/bathtub/shower/ sea etc.


How can i replace the battery?

This can be done at your local jewellers/watch store.


My payment is not going through?

At checkout, please make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information (name, address etc) associated with your credit card. Not doing this will result in the transaction not completing.  Also, please ensure that your bank card has no restrictions for making international purchases. If you have any problems with your order, please email us with the information at and we’ll be happy to help you out.