10 amazing things about wearing a wooden watch

People are constantly asking us the benefits of wearing wooden watches, so we thought to pen our thoughts on the subject! 

We think watches are a real statement about the person that wears them, and most people have more than one watch depending on the type of activity they are undertaking.  For us, wearing something that stands out in an eloquent way was really important, and we wanted something that spoke out against the corporate world of mass production – something that, I suppose, turned back the hands of time a bit.

Everyone knows no two pieces of wood are identical, so wearing a wooden watch brings that level of uniqueness that a factory-made metallic equivalent can’t quite provide.  When people ask if they can have a watch like mine, my answer is ‘no, not exactly’, because this one is unique to me. 


There are, of course, a whole range of other reasons to wear a wooden watch; the eco-friendly nature of our selection sets it apart from others, whilst wooden watches don’t rust like metal, or wear away, like leather.  Not only are they;

  • eco-friendly
  • economical
  • nickel free
  • sustainable
  • low carbon footprint

They also are chemical and toxic free.  In fact, unlike plastic and metal watches, wood watches improve in appearance as they get older. The natural oils that come from your skin preserve the watch.

Finally, I’d say a wooden watch is an unspoken relationship between the craftsman and the watch-wearer.  As each one is different, it showcases the craftsmanship and luxury design of the watch. Added to that, they are very easy to maintain. We’ve written a whole post on how to look after your watch, which you can get to here.

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These watches look great! I have never had a wooden made watch before but I do like to wear watches and I have always had a metal one. I will definitely be looking into these though as I really like the style. Great article and site!


Hello Kyle,
Forgive me for not replying sooner. Thank you for your amazing feedback! We’ve recently added more top quality brands to our store and in the process of having another one up on our site this week. Do definitely check out the Ovi Watches!

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